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Then make some post Thanksgiving plans with Axel F.

A Family Affair

An Axel F Thanksgiving. Saturday, Nov. 24.

Michael Henderson - Wide Receiver.

#AxelF killing it with the concepts.




There’s still time to make #AxelF plans for tonight.

There’s still time to make #AxelF plans for tonight.

Robot Rock! Saturday! #AxelF.

Tomorrow, there will be a scramble board. And Whitney Songs.

While observing some gauche reactions to #Linsanity in #Negronia, I’m reminded of some of our past stereotyping sins. This is still my jam though, and an #AxelF power ballad to boot. But damn, Philip. Cupcaking with your kung-fu boo in a rice paddy?

A message from the @exittheapple Super PAC to the American People re: #AxelF

When pre-gaming for #AxelF, you have to get your smell-good on.

Get your outfit right and #assembleyourcrew for the massive anniversary jammy on January 28.

These tunes will also assist your pre-gaming endeavors.

Axel F One Year Anniversary Mix by DJStylus